the family took a ski day today.
its official. i can no longer keep up with my 7 year old. sad, scary and true. he's rocking the alpines and begging to try telemarking like his dad. love it. it was a beautiful day and even though the mountain is far below average in its annual snowfall, conditions were very pleasant. alyeska has a great vibe.

its been a few weeks since ive ventured out of the anchorage bowl. work seems to be all consuming lately.

as we headed to girdwood i shot these pics.
photo disclaimer: a couple of these images are from the iphone, so the quality is not good.
the rest were taken through the windows of the westfalia, cruising down turnagain arm at 65 miles an hour. 


Karen Travels said...

First of all, your friend's blog (Beth, I think) is HILARIOUS.

Second, I often remember our day at Alyeska - did love the vibes there and I know this is the time of year when light returns and moods swing upwards. Alaska is calling to me lately!! Maybe a visit soon??

Glad you got out for a day, I know what it's like to work, work, work.

Would love for you to visit NC too!!

akfnp said...

Hope you do make it back for a visit. We never got to do our gritty Spenard photo tour...
Will def be checking in should we head back east. Happy you checked out Popcrush. Fun stuff.

Views from Malmesbury said...

One of these years I'll make it back to Alaska, until then I'm living vicariously through your glorious photos - keep 'em coming!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oh my gosh your photos are GORGEOUS!!! I'm sure it's cold up there but wow is it ever beautiful!