the song "hard days night" comes to mind this first day of the new year.
my three boys (if you look closely rocket is the third sleeper in the photo)  cat napped today to make up for late night festivities.
i moved slowly around the house after 24 hours of gastrointestinal misery. i believe now i might live, but this belief was questionable for a while.

im not one for resolutions, but perhaps some gentle reminders wouldn't hurt as i make my way through 2011.

happy new year everyone.

~listen more than talk
~be friendly first
~make memories
~plan for fun, dont wait for it to happen
~enjoy the process
~stop comparing myself to others
~accept life as it is and embrace it
~remember everyone is human
~chose words carefully; words are important
~be content
~when i begin to think the grass is greener, i should remember to water what i have

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Karen Travels said...

Happy New Year LB!!

I love that qupte "The grass is always greener where I water it"....or fertilize it! Ha!!