work recently took me to kodiak, which has certainly been on the list of must-do's while here in ak.
the middle of january, however wasn't really the time of year i had dreamed of.

the quick visit exceeded expectations with amazing weather (highly unusual) and incredibly hospitable people. we made the most of our 48 hours and managed to squeeze in some sightseeing after teaching at the hospital.

kodiak island is located approximately 250 air miles southwest of anchorage. it is known as the emerald island due to the incredible amount of precipitation and lush greenery that results from it. the island itself is the second largest island in the united states and you must (obviously) arrive by plane or boat. incidentally, we are counting the days until we visit the largest island in the u.s., the big island of hawaii.

our plane ride on the dash 8 was a quick one hour and 15 minutes. the loud turbo prop plane is capable of take off and landing on very short runways. many times people get stuck in kodiak due to weather, we lucked out with clear blue skies and virtually no wind. 

i would very much like to visit between may and september to see kodiaks most famous attraction, the kodiak brown bear. they were presumably snuggled in their dens for the winter, so i guess another trip is in order. 


Karen Travels said...

Love this. I will never forget my visit to Kodiak (which is good, since I forogt my camera charger that weekend and only have pics from half a day)!!

Gorgeous pics!

akfnp said...

Thought of you while I was there. It was a great albeit short trip!

Views from Malmesbury said...

Thanks for sharing, beautiful. Off to Google 'kodiak' now and find out some more.

Karen Whittal said...

I love your blog, you are living my dream, your photo's are amazing, but I think I say that every time.

akfnp said...

Thank you Karen(s) and Malmesbury! Arent blogs delicious?

Mary said...

Kodiak is on my list, too! I don't get why there isn't snow there. It looks beautiful!

Laura said...

Wow! Gorgeous pics!