deep freeze

well, we are holed-up inside due to sub zero temps. 
last weekend i walked along the coastal trail with the dog. while all bundled up, we saw some beautiful sights. the inversion has caused ice fog which coats every thing with a fine layer of frost. 
its really quite a sight. 
the ice skating at westchester has been amazing. we've had no recent snow which has made the maintained rink smooth and shiny.

as i rounded the trail toward the inlet the sun was setting. i am still enamored by the ice chunks.

this morning, jeff and i were awakened by the strangest sound. it sounded quite like a hail storm. the sun was up and the sky was blue. the temperature was well below zero. our sleepy minds took a moment to adjust our thinking.
as we peered outside we saw thousands of beautiful bohemian waxwings. they were in all of the trees surrounding the house, they were dancing on the roof. it was an amazing sight.
they stayed, chirping and stripping the mountain ash of its bright red berries for about 15 minutes and then, rose in a cloud and moved on to another yard.

it was a very nice way to begin a saturday.


Divine Lotus Healing said...

Wow! Very beautiful indeed :)

Karen Whittal said...

You are right what a way to start the day.