Consider this installment part two of; "Hiking in Alaska in September RULES"

This weekend I skillfully conned Beth of Popcrush talent, into going on an easy, afternoon hike with me and the fam. Little did I know at the time, our little hike would end 5 hours and 10.5 miles later.

My legs are still screaming, but the views and company were well worth it.

Williwaw Lakes Trail is another "Anchortown back yard" hike that begins at the Glen Alps parking lot. The lot is overcrowded and impossible to park in on the weekends, but I have a coworker who lives just up the way from there, so we poached a spot in her yard and headed onto the Powerline trail.
There are two potential routes to the lakes. We took the beautiful, winding valley trail to reach the lakes, however, we all agreed to try The Ballpark trail back to Glen Alps.
This was a rather interesting (SCARY) and amazing (VERTICAL) route which shortened the return trip by a few miles. 
Have I mentioned? Our 8 year old is an amazing hiker.

 One of the several Williwaw Lakes

 Heading up from Williwaw toward The Ballpark route

 Must click to enlarge to see ZEN OF HIKING
 The moonscape known as The Ballpark

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