I've let an entire month slip past.
The camera has barely been out, but the small one on my iphone is always on hand. I have recently cleaned out those pics and put them on the computer.
The ease at which that small, portable camera is lugged around makes snapping photos a breeze. Here are some of many taken over these past several months.

 Our little Red House is shaping up. We are nearly buttoned up and ready for winter. The place is only 3/4 construction zone at this point. Things are looking up!
There is snow on the surrounding mountains, but Anchortown  has yet to see any of the white stuff. Its bliss that we've not turned that corner.
I am beach bound late next week so the scenery is going to change on this little slice of the web.
Stay tuned....


Leslie said...

Yay for the new pictures!! It looks like many seasons' worth, but awesome. Jade and Rocky is my favorite, though lots of beauty there! Send me roosters when you hit the beach!! xoL

Karen Travels said...

Ooooh, Hatcher's Pass, how I miss you. Beautiful pics, lady.