Snow, snow and more snow!
I have often said, that if you are going to have winter, it's better to GO BIG than to have cold weather without the white stuff. If we keep going at this rate, its going to be a banner snow year. We've got a solid foot on the ground here in Anchortown with snowfall daily for the past 5.

The funny thing about snow in AK is that once it comes, it doesnt budge until April. No mid winter thaw. No sunny, snow melting days. It just piles up for 6 solid months.

This naturally, makes snow maintenance here, a bizarre and ongoing ritual. There is simply too much snow as it gets plowed up on the sides of the road, so big dump trucks and front loaders cruise all over town hauling snow off to that magical snow storage place. Then, it all gets hauled back in to 4th avenue, put right back down on the street, for the annual start of Iditarod.

Jade has 4 different snow forts in the yard. He's a happy camper. Haven't  busted out the skis yet because we are up to our neck with house projects. I anticipate a massive slow down here in about 2 weeks and then we will be hitting the trails and hills.

I am participating in a 30 day photo challenge on Facebook. This was day #3: Clouds.
It was a fortuitous thing that this immature baldy flew over just as I was pointing the iphone skyward. 

Has winter started in your part of the world?


Karen Travels said...

I don't know . . . it's really cloudy and breezy . . . but the thermometer says 62 degrees.

Sounds like an Alaska summer!!

Love the pics!

Mary said...

There's a ton of snow out here! When can I expect you guys to stop by for cocoa???