Mission Accomplished

Vitamin D tanks are inching upward. Holiday stress is non existent. Life, my friends, is good.

Christmas day was spent on the beach just inside Sian Ka 'an with a few other local families. This wide expansive beach is an extension of Tulum beach just inside the reserve. If you can over look the fact that a modest amount of trash washes up and there are no hotels or staff to clean it up, it's a pretty impressive place.

For first timers, this reality is shocking. Sad to say, that after all these years of coming here, this has not changed much.

We have also visited both the ruins of Coba, and Tulum. In Coba you can still climb to the top of a pyramid. We did this on the solstice and it felt just perfect.

We managed to meet a dear couple from Virginia who invited us over to their rented Tulum beach house for the day. They have been coming to the area for 30 years and to that house for the past 4 Christmases. They were like minded, fun and absolutely lovely to meet.

We had a fantastic day there with a desolate stretch of beach to ourselves. Needless to say it was an au natural day. It was simply divine to hear Jaden proclaim after playing in the waves; "being naked makes me feel so free!" It was tough getting both boys to put their clothes on at the end of the day.

So here we sit with two more days to go. I dare say that I will almost be ready to return home then.
And that my friends, is a sure sign of a great vacation.


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