Traveling light

I know the very few, dedicated peeps who peek in on this blog from time to time, typically keep coming back because of the beauty that is AK.
Unfortunately, I've been a rather pathetic blogger, the camera is dusty and motivation is lacking when you eat, sleep, and work in the dark.

But, if you can stand some cheerful beauty, from points much, much farther south, look no further.

The family and I have flown the coop and headed to the Yucatan Peninsula to spend a quiet, non-commercial Christmas together. This beautiful land is home to the ancient Mayan, and they are warm and welcoming.
This place feels like an old shoe, comfortable and safe. It was a short hop from our old stomping grounds in Colorado, and we have spent considerable time here over the years, but it is a haul from latitude 61.

Four jet planes and 21.5 hours later, finds us slowly and sweetly refueling our vitamin D tanks.

Feliz solsticio indeed!


Views from Malmesbury said...

Wow, 4 planes, it must be wonderful there to be willing to do that. Merry Christmas to you and I look forward to more posts in the New Year.

LRR said...

Aaahhhhhhh!!! Send love to Rockberto for me. Have the greatest restoration.