this weekend is the kick-off of fur rondy here in anchorage.
fur rondy leads up to the iditarod which begins next sunday.

historically, the rondy began in the 1930's as a 3 day festival coinciding with the miners and trappers coming to town with their winters yield.
initially, it was a sports tournament of sorts, with skiing, hockey, boxing and a childrens sled dog race.

today, it has evolved into a week of activities including curling, ice bowling, outhouse races, fireworks, sled dog races and carnival rides at ridiculous temperatures.

(kiddies: do not put your tongue on the fuzzy metal bar on the ferris wheel!)

there is also a whole lotta fur and people strutting around in said fur.

this is our 4th rondy and being that we are now within walking distance of it all, we took some of it in on saturday.

i cannot believe that PITA has not caught wind of this madness and made it up here to see this... not that i think thats a very good idea, being that most alaskans are armed and opinionated...

doesnt jade look swell in dead/red fox, skunk and crystal fox? 

and these two below.
whoa. is all i have to say. they were so happy to pose for a photo!
i think the lynx is pissed.
as he should be.

people are on these rides. it was about 15 degrees.
holy tongue!

and this beautiful native elder captured my heart.
isnt she lovely?
fur and all.


Karen Travels said...

What beautiful pictures! I remember going to Fur Rondy last year, it was snowing very hard. (surprise). I think the start of the iditarod the week after was better weather...I should go back and read my Alaska blog.

Miss ya!!

Nibbles said...

LOVE these pics!